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When you get enough coins to withdraw real Robux to your Roblox account, you need to create a Pass for sale for the equal amount you want to withdraw from our games. Check out the instruction below. It might look lengthy, but you only need to learn how to do that once. It’ll be easy to repeat the next time! 

You need to pick the correct amount for the pass & create a new pass for every new redeem.
R$ 5 if you have 1500+ coins in our games
R$ 15 if you have 4500+ coins in our games
R$ 25 if you have 7500+ coins in our games
R$ 35 if you have 10500+ coins in our games
Note (highest payout R$35 for each manual payout, if you have more coins then you can try later)

Correct pass link like this:  ✅ “!/sales”
Wrong pass link like this:  ❌“!/general” 

Before Submit the payout form read common error issue for ignoring failed transaction

Follow the video for manual withdraw


Here’s what you need to do:
1. To do it through your phone, turn on web version mode in your browser:

2. Go to

3. If you do it the first time, you will be redirected to

4. Click on “Manage my experiences”

5. Go to the Passes section, upload any image, enter a name & a description. Click Preview.

6. Click the Verify Upload button

7. Scroll down and configure the Pass

8. Go to the Sales section on the left side

9. Turn on the “Item for Sale” option

10. Set the price equal to the amount that you want to withdraw from the our games and save it.

11. Then Click Create>Passes or hit here:

select the recently added pass and copy the link.

12. Check the URL. There you should see something like: “!/sales”. You need to copy the whole URL and enter it in our game. 
Correct pass link like this: ✅ “!/sales”
Wrong pass link like this:  ❌“!/general” 

You Are all done. then submit your gamepass link on our Withdraw Page. Before Submit the payout form read common error issue for ignoring failed transaction. If everything you did correct you can check pending Robux on this page.