5 Easy way to get free robux for roblox!

free robux games

Today we discuss some real and safe ways to get free Robux for Roblox.

We know in online or google searches there has a lot of bad websites or apps that told us they give free Robux! Actually, a lot of ways are fake and not working as well.

They just use our information or give us some survey list to do it for their business. some apps have on the google app store. that was a totally fake apps and website. I spent 6 months with their games and I cant earn the minimum Robux coins.

Tell me why? because they make a system to not get the free Robux. like think your free Robux withdrawal coins is 2000, but when you earn 1900 coins to redeem your free Robux they reduce the coins and don’t give you others 100 coins. so I am 100% sure they are just fake!

So Today we learn 5 best ways to get free and real Robux

Robnur Android Games

It’s a pretty good website to get your https://thefreerobux.com ree Robux. here you can see the free Robux payout proof and a lot more things. The Robnur Corporation still payout a lot of free Robux for their lot of free Robux game users and others. You can 100% get the free Robux with this company and its super safe because they don’t tell you to put your email or password or any personal information. After you reach the payout robux or redeem free robux amount then you must need to add their roblox group for redeem the free robux. You can get the robnur free robux games here.

  • TheFreeRobux.com Watch Ads And get free robux

Spend little time watching ads and get free Robux with thefreerobux.com. this is a very easy way to get the free Robux. you just need to spend some time daily on their website and see the ads then you can earn the real free Robux for your Roblox game.

  • Free Robux Lottery

There have good chances to get some free Robux to participate in the free Robuhttps://thefreerobux.comx lottery campaign. the company makes a fantastic good way to distribute the free Robux with the lottery. let me explain more: they announced the program to get free Robux with the lottery. After every 2 weeks, they make a draw and pick 5 winners, and payout the free Robux for the lottery winner. this is 100% real. because I got it also. there have clear instructions and screen record proof for lottery draws and free Robux distribution for lottery winners. so it’s 100% safe and working. You can try it here.

  • Web Game (No Need To Download apps or games)

There gave another great way to get some real robux by play web games without downloading any apps or games on your phone or laptop for free robux. You can Play the games everywhere with your browser mobile or desktop. but for robnur web games you can’t get the big amount of free robux as like robnur corporation android games. but its pretty easy way to get some of Robux by play the web games without download any games on your phone for free robux. just play the games here and make a good score then take a screenshot and send it with mail to redeeming your free robux.

  • Telegram Group

With join the Telegram group you can also get the free robux. the group admin announce some time the more offer to get the free robux. you can check more details about that here.