Why i don’t get robux manually?

Please read that article if you’ve created a withdrawal request and then don’t receive Robux within 24 hours.

First reasons is pick wrong amount for your pass.

For example: you have 1500 + coins for our games you need to create pass with 5 robux. if you set amount 7 for 1500 coins you don’t get the robux.
You are eligible for 5 robux but you create game pass for 7 robux or you don’t have available coins in our games.

So you need to pick the correct amount for the pass, like

R$ 5 if you have 1500+ coins in our games
R$ 15 if you have 4500+ coins in our games
R$ 25 if you have 7500+ coins in our games
R$ 35 if you have 10500+ coins in our games

Note (highest payout R$35 for each manual payout, if you have more coins then you can try later)

So you made a mistake in setting the price.

You haven’t created a NEW Pass For Repeat withdraw.

For each withdrawal, you need to create a new Pass. Please do not use the old Pass for the new withdrawal.

You have not listed your Pass for sale.

We need to buy your Pass with Robux. Make sure you’ve put it up for sale.

You made a mistake in your URL.

You may not have copied the whole URL, or you may have copied the wrong URL of your pass.

You Try to withdraw with same coins.

if you get 8 robux with 1600 coins then you need to play our game for more 1600 coins to withdraw. when you get 3200 coins then you can get another 8 robux.

Did everything perfect why still not get robux?

If everything is perfect we will buy your pass within 24 hours. you can check robux pending status in your roblox account.

You now know the most common reasons for the error.