How to play hardcore RUN EGG game and win Robux Rewards!

Did you hear about the pretty simple easy-to-play Android mobile game called Run Egg? It’s a pretty easy game for every age of users to pass their extra time and a good gameplay time for your vendor and challenge friends and family. 


You can go to Google Pay search for RUN EGG and install the game. After installing the game you can click the play button. And then you need to just tap the screen to jump the egg. Let me be more clear about it. There are some enemies and an egg. The leg looks like a chicken. You need to tap the screen and pass the awesome graphics to run the egg and earn coins. 

It’s a pretty simple easy-to-play game to pass your extra time. Right? But there have been some bad sides to this game. It is a very hard core game so you need to be very careful when you going to play the game. If you do not follow the right way to jump then the egg will be destroyed. So you need to do exactly the perfect jump to get coins and be live in the game.

Challenge with your friends: 

You can’t challenge your friends or family to play this game together online, because this is not a multiplayer game. But you can allow your friends and family members to play this game together offline. Let me explain how. First, install the game and play with it by yourself. And when you fail remember the coins that you collected. 

Then tell your friends or family members to play the game and compare the coins you win and your friends win. 

Why you need to play the game: 

Now I will give you some fantastic news about the game. There has been A way to get some rewards by converting the game coins. So it’s a little benefit for you to get rewards by playing a game and passing your extra time. When you play the game and your life is ended with it then you will get an option to redeem your rewards and convert your coins to FREE ROBUX or other Game rewards. 

Download and rating: 

The game has over 100k installs. And a good rating from the happy game player 4.2. 

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